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"Just saying thanks for the repairs and tune on my bike recently.  I couldn't believe the difference to the feel of the drive train and how smooth it was on my rides on the weekend".

Kevin Loft




Getting your bike ready for it's biggest race 


One of the most ultimate challenges to compete in both physcially and mentally - I know I've been there!  I also know that when you get on your bike, whether to train or compete, you need it to perform, to be comfortable - because lets face it, you are on this thing for a long time, and you want as much speed as you can get.


The one thing that can fail on you, that you have no control over, is your bike - not just on race day but throughout your training. 


It's so important to have your bike cleaned and serviced throughout your ironman training and to make sure you are fitted properly to your bike and to have this regularly checked during your training progress. 


If you want to enhance your training and ensure you are ready to go on race day then click below to book in your Ironman Service.  I would love to support you in your journey to becoming "an Ironman!"

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