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What a great summer we’ve had. I love the clear mornings, getting out on the bike and enjoying a warm summer’s ride. With all this great riding, I want to bring to your attention some key things you should be looking at now, so you can continue riding through the seasons.

1. Handle bar Tape - When was the last time you replaced your handlebar tape and why should you be replacing it regularly?

Here’s some good reasons to get your handle bar tape replaced if you haven’t done so in a while.

  • Keeps your bike looking new and flash!

  • Looking good is one thing, however a better reason is because alloy handle bars can corrode with all the sweat from your hands. We hold on to our handle bars for hours and hours so it gets a beating with sweatie hands, electrolyte drink that misses our mouth, runny noses and whatever else lands on the handle bars. There are a host of germs in bar tape, so we recommend replacing it every 6 months to help keep your hands happy, clean and more comfortable and helps with alleviating tingling or numb hands.

2. Rims – here’s a quick tip: some alloy rims will come with minimum thickness markers so when they disappear it’s time to replace them or get a rebuild. This is all based on kilometers and how well you clean your rims and pads.

3. Pads – my best tip is: don’t let them get to low. Your brakes will have the best feel and power when they are new and set up correctly to the rim; you’re looking for even wear. Shimano do a pad that’s 1mm thicker, so that will give you a better pad life.

4. Cables – These are always overlooked or not replaced until they are completely dead; meaning they barely slide through the outer casing or they break. Unfortunately it’s hard to know when your cables need replacing, my advice is don’t leave them in too long. Get your cables replaced before they die on you.

5. Tires - If you have any doubt about your tire, take it off and fit a new one. I recommend this because at the speeds we hit on the down hills, a high speed blow out is not what you want. Check tires weekly or more often for your own safety. We will cover more about tires and rubber later.

At Performance Bicycle Tuning we believe it’s all about your bike and keeping you safe and comfortable while on it, so you can keep riding.

If you would like us to have a look at your bike, call us on 09 390-3401 to book in your next service or email us at

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