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Got a race coming up and want to get a slight advantage over other riders on race day with some faster wheels!  Or are you just interested in trying out some faster wheels to see the difference they make to your ride before you purchase a new set?  


Maybe you are taking your bike overseas or travelling to an event and need a Bike Bag to safely transport it?  


We have some fabulous gear available for hire. Contact us today if you would like to try a different set of wheels on your next training ride  or you want to add a few more sneaky seconds onto your race time.


If you are travelling with your bike, and need a bike bag contact us today to book in your travel dates.  We can also pack your bike for you and take some extra steps to stop damage happening if your bike is travelling via aircraft.  


Don't run the risk of having your bike damaged during travel.   I have learnt some great ways in wrapping and protecting your bike so when you pull it out of the bag there's no disappointing surprises.


If you are visiting Auckland, and would like to hire a bike for a day or longer, we can help you out with our bike hire service.  Let us know your dates, height and any other requirements and we'll see if we can accommodate your plans while you are visiting our city.

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