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Bike Fit

Getting your Bike Fit is essential to your training and race day outcome.  We are passionate about getting your bike fit done right.  That's why we customise every fit. People come in all different shapes and sizes which means a bike fit does too. 


A good bike fit can prevent injuries.  So often we see people who are too low or cramped while riding or to stretched out.  If you are not sitting right on your bike you may be experiencing pains in your hands, shoulders, neck, back, hips, or knees.  Riding with pain is not fun mentally or physically!  That pain is your body telling you "I'm not comfortable".


Here at Performance Bicycle Tuning, it's all about getting your bike to work for you.  During a customised bike fit, we'll assess your current riding position and analyse what is happening.  We will then recommend ways to improve or enhance your riding position. 

Come and see us if you are wanting to get more comfortable, more aerodynamic, or more speed on your bike.  We can help with real experience and advice.

"Thanks for the most amazing service. The bike feels as tight as the day it rolled off the showroom floor and the treated chain amazing! Have never ridden such a glass and butter-smooth drive train. Race day ready, thanks boys".

Stephen Morris

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