Here's a quick video that shows you how to restrict your gears for school cycling ready for roll out.  Come and see us if you if you have any problems with making these adjustments. 

Have you ever taken off your race number after doing a race, only to find a sticky, messy residue left behind on your seat post.  Here is my tip for eliminating this problem next time you have to put on a race number. 

The Lake Taupo Challenge is New Zealand's  premier and largest cycling event with over 8,000 riders.  It can at times get a bit congested as riders jostle for their place on the narrow but picturesque roads around Lake Taupo.  It's during these times that riders can ge...




Ben Marshall has over 20 years experience as a bike technician and has worked with some

of the best triathletes in the world.


No shortcuts. That was the first lesson Ben Marshall learned in his first full-time job as a bike mechanic. Today B...